Find answers below to some of the caravan shipping FAQs received by our team.

What size containers do you load caravans in?

We use 40’High Cube containers to allow for the height of the caravan.

What is the maximum size of the caravans we can load together per container?

The maximum overall caravan length that can be combined in a container is 12.95m (42’6”). This additional length is gained by overlapping one caravan over the drawbar of the other caravan.

Can I load extras with my caravan?

Yes, simply supply full details of all goods loaded so they can be declared to NZ Customs and MPI on arrival in NZ.

What paperwork do I need for shipping?

The commercial invoice or Bill of Sale from your seller is all that is needed for us to prepare the shipment.

This document is used for the export customs formalities in the country of origin and on arrival through NZ Customs.

It must show the following,

  • sellers details
  • buyers details
  • make/model/year and VIN number of each caravan
  • the price paid per caravan
Can you arrange inspection in the UK?

Yes, we have a caravan specialist on the staff of our UK team, who can undertake inspections of potential caravans for you. Please contact our UK agent directly for a quote.

Do you have dealers you can recommend?

Yes, we have worked with many dealers in the UK, US and Australia and can recommend some of the best for you!

Can you collect from the seller?

Yes, we can collect from anywhere in the UK. Simply supply the details of your seller’s location, so we can ask our UK team to quote for this service.

Can you arrange insurance for the shipping of my caravan?

Yes, we can. This is arranged through our insurance broker on your behalf. Each shipment is insured separately so there is no blanket cover for multiple shipments available.

The insurance premium is based on the value of the caravan(s) purchased, plus the freight cost, plus 10% to cover incidentals.

What is required on arrival in NZ to clear Customs?

We receive all paperwork from our overseas teams once the container has been confirmed on board the vessel at the country of origin. We will process and monitor the progress of the shipment for you, updating details as they come to hand.

Prior to arrival, we will complete the customs clearance of your shipment, based on all documentation received and verified with you.

Once the vessel arrives in NZ, our team will collect the container and unload it at one of our specialised facilities, so the caravan(s) can be inspected by MPI. MPI inspect all second-hand caravans on arrival and will either release or direct them for cleaning. If cleaning is required, it is completed at our facility and MPI returns at a later date to reinspect before finally releasing your caravan(s).

MPI reserves the right to inspect new caravans as required, it is a random inspection.

Once the caravan(s) is released, we will send a final account for all quoted charges to you, for payment. It will include,

  • collection from the seller (if applicable)
  • freight to NZ
  • local arrival charges
  • disbursements paid to NZ Customs
  • insurance (if applicable)
  • any cleaning required.

When payment is on hand, we will confirm final release of the caravan, so you can collect from our facility directly.

This entire process takes between 5-7 working days to complete following the arrival of the vessel. Note COVID has caused delays at NZ ports, so some processing is taking longer than previously.

Does the caravan require any modifications or certification on arrival?

Yes, UK caravans require their electric and gas to be certified for use in NZ. This work is completed by an electrician and gas fitter who specialises in caravan services. At present, it is not a service we arrange at FPS.

All caravans need to be registered through Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency for use on NZ roads and a warrant of fitness must also be obtained.

Where are your depots?

We have depots in all major ports into NZ, with the exception of Wellington.

If your caravan shipping FAQ is not covered here, please contact us on 0508 famous (0508 326687), or you can use the form below. We will be happy to provide an answer to any queries you may have.

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