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Safe and reliable caravan shipping


Famous Pacific Shipping (NZ) arranges all modes of safe, secure and reliable storage & forwarding. This includes RO/RO, containerised and conventional movements of personal and commercial shipments. Established in 1992, we offer quality wholesale and retail services to freight forwarders, importers, exporters and manufacturers in New Zealand. Our team of dedicated freight and customs professionals is ready to make your caravan shipping experience hassle-free.
  • Specialist Worldwide Caravan Shipping
  • Damage-free On-Time Shipping
  • In House Unpack & MPI Cleaning
  • Import & Export Parts & Projects
  • Direct Shipping from the United Kingdom, USA & Australia

Why choose FPS?

Choosing a safe and reliable caravan shipping service can be time-consuming, frustrating and incredibly expensive. It’s also unnecessary. We have imported over 3,000 vehicles from the UK, the USA, Australia and all over the world. With the help of our specialist caravan shipping experts, you’ll avoid all those common importing mistakes and pitfalls, and save yourself $$$ in the process.

Our new enhanced service with better communications results in a shipping service at an altogether higher level, an affordable level that you’ll only find at FPS.

There is a compelling reason why we have become such a successful caravan shipper. It’s our people. Not just our people but those of our amazing partners. We are proud to work with FS Mackenzie, our agent in the UK; West Coast Shipping and Direct Express, our US agents; and Colless Young, our Australian agent. Our specialist caravan loaders can accommodate 2 caravans in one 40ft high cube container. They follow a standard of integrity and service we call “intensive caravan caring.” A commitment to exceeding expectations. We are convinced that intensive care is the reason for our consistent growth.

Safe & Secure Caravan Shipping

Famous Pacific Shipping (NZ) Limited is one of New Zealand’s specialist caravan shippers. Together with our partners, we offer tailor-made shipping services for every type of caravan. We minimise the risk of damage and reduce costs by:
  • Containerisation.
  • A weekly shipping schedule to all NZ ports.
  • We manage the NZ customs clearance process.
  • Our purpose built MPI approved cleaning bay designed for every type of caravan.

A Hassle-Free Service

When you have found the caravan that best suits you, simply call us. Our local partner will arrange collection and transportation to their depot if required. Dedicated staff will prepare the caravan for shipment, which includes:

Loading the unit into the container by a unique system called ‘Ship-a-Caravan.’ Before arrival in New Zealand, Famous Pacific Shipping will manage the customs formalities and assist with the lodging of the entry and collection of GST and Duty on behalf of New Zealand Customs. Famous Pacific Shipping staff will carefully remove the unit from the container and remove pre-shipment protection. The caravan will then clear MPI under our care. This may include cleaning in our specialist cleaning facility.

Removal of some external components

Securing the moveable items internally

Protecting the windows

Protecting the outer edges

What Our Clients Are Saying

I took the opportunity of looking at SEVEN separate shipping rates to NZ. Some were quite ‘weasel-like’ when one read the small print and at the opposite end of the spectrum others were so bold in pronouncing their exorbitant rates that I almost felt offended. (The choice was not solely based on cost). Thankfully, I took F.P.S as my shipping company option. Exceptional is an underestimation.

I’d just like to say that the shipping of my new caravan couldn’t have been better organised. The important thing is that the communication line was always open, you guys were always cooperative, and it was a pleasure doing business with you. I have no hesitation in recommending you guys to anyone thinking of bringing a vehicle into New Zealand

 I witnessed the way the vehicles were checked in and the care taken with them the entire time they were there until they were safely packed into the shipping containers. From there I was kept fully up to date by the FPS crew and in no time I had a call to say they had arrived in NZ. The entire process was incredibly quick and painless.